Which side are you on?

Here’s a half-silly video for May Day, more the International Worker’s Day, though the pagan nature festival stuff’s great too.

The song’s “Which Side Are You On?” which written by Florence Reece in 1931, after anti-union thugs terrorized her family during the Harlan County War. (Stick around to the end to see her sing it)

This recording’s from out upcoming album, which will go to wychwood.bandcamp.com in time.

Video from Plan 9 from Outer Space and Harlan County USA.

Audio from a Derek Jensen talk on Endgame, the Acolytes of Horror video on The Dead Don’t Die, The Dead Don’t Die, some forgotten podcast on a Buzzfeed reporter turned alt-right troll, Fear & Desire, Lain: Serial Experiments, Harlan County USA, Florence Reece, a VCR, and us.

Images from Curren Sheldon/Ohio Valley Resource, Scott Olson/Rolling Stone, Workers’ World, Kevin Ridder/Appalachian Voices, and Megan Roark-Halcomb/Labour Notes.

Check out Harlan County USA and “The Dead Don’t Die: How Deadpan Dooms Us,” you won’t regret it.

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