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Tunnelfest! October 1

Kick off spooky month in Ottawa with us this Saturday – and a host of musical friends! Once again, the tunnel supplies natural reverb and amplification, the fresh air provides pleasant safety, we’ll supply the songs, you can make it special. Saturday, Oct 1, 6pm, at the tunnel to the Library & Archives parking lot … Continue reading Tunnelfest! October 1

A snippet of ukelele thru wild FX

Here’s a snippet of “Kitty alone,” a traditional kid’s song from Appalachia with a haunting melody and slightly surreal lyrics, on the ukelele and through the Empress Reverb and Echosystem. Featuring a totally normal bedroom with an ultranormal amount of pedals. Shot by Sandy Zelazy (AKA Silver Reeds). We actually spent nearly the whole time … Continue reading A snippet of ukelele thru wild FX

Two videos from Ottawa’s Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Memorial Lantern Ceremony

Earnest TV, Episode 1, guest starring Hayley and Kris. After coming together to play some songs at Ottawa’s Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Memorial Lantern Ceremony a couple of days ago, we reconvened to the Quaker house basement to create a record some of what we’d played. “Deadly Harvest” is known in Japanese as 原爆を許すまじ or … Continue reading Two videos from Ottawa’s Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Memorial Lantern Ceremony

Ottawa Drone Day

We’re going to be playing 6-7 pm on May 28 at Art House Cafe as part of Ottawa Drone Day. If you want to hear the saw (and other admittedly less exciting instruments) played through a bunch of dreamy-spooky effects and blended into old folk songs, you’ll like this. Ottawa Drone Day has activities all … Continue reading Ottawa Drone Day

The saw!

The saw might just be the most musical tool out there and one of the most attention-grabbing folk instruments ever. Here’s Chrissy demonstrating at a rehearsal. Bowing the saw sets it vibrating, which makes a musical tone, a little like rubbing a wet finger over the edge of a glass. Then by bending the blade, … Continue reading The saw!

Which side are you on?

Here’s a half-silly video for May Day, more the International Worker’s Day, though the pagan nature festival stuff’s great too. The song’s “Which Side Are You On?” which written by Florence Reece in 1931, after anti-union thugs terrorized her family during the Harlan County War. (Stick around to the end to see her sing it) … Continue reading Which side are you on?

Tunnelfest strikes back!

We are sooo stoked for this show next Saturday! Come join us in a tunnel for some sweet, sweet music from Oddeline, Sarah Howard, Robin kenny and us – Wychwood. We can’t decide what’s better getting to see all of you again or the chance to see the musicians we’re so lucky to be sharing … Continue reading Tunnelfest strikes back!


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